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East Coast Seafood, Inc. and Paturel International, Inc.

Protecting our oceans and coastlines.

Green Initiatives

Earth Day Every Day

The company is investigating the conversion of lobster waste to bio-oil, a clean energy alternative.

Annually, we can produce a million pounds of lobster shell waste. All of our lobster shell is now composted.

ECS/Paturel has chosen Norampac to replace waxed and styrofoam boxes used to ship live lobsters to Europe, Japan and around North America as a more earth friendly option. These new shippers hold the temperature at the required level for extended transit times and our customers, value the sustainability value and how well they fit into our company's vision. We are proud to carry Norampac for our packaging and to have them carry the ECS name to our partners around the world.

For the future, the company is even investigating shipping sustainable lobsters in specially repurposed packaging made of processed lobster shell.

Every day the plant uses a minimum of 45,000 gallons of water during processing.

Our commitment is to recycle 100% of processing water by 2014 to dramatically reduce our burden on natural resources.

If every lobster processed at the Deer Island plant in a single year was placed end-to-end, they would nearly span North America.